Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I wish I had something to blog about....

.....I really really do!

I've been in Australia 3 weeks now, and my license to practise still isn't ready to go. Seems the ozzies are a lot more strict about who they give work visas to than the New Zealanders were. Anyway, they promise me it should all be sorted in the next week or so. Then hopefully I'll be back to work, complaing about the lack of time off!

I never realised how difficult it is to pass the time when you're essentially unemployed. I mean, daytime TV just doesn't cut the mustard for me.

In a boredom-fuelled frenzy, I've taken up martial arts. A very very sore foot, courtesy of a huge eastern european, is testament to my lack of success in that particular field. I'm also back taking drumming lessons. And I've gotten involved with a local first-aid group.

That's a total of about 8 hours per week sorted, then :P

The good news, though, is that all this free time has given me lots of time to go to the gym, with noticeable gut-reduction already.

Right, time to get up out of bed and....well, do nothing. But at least I'm doing it in the sunshine :D

Wish you were here,

Dr. Thunder


  1. Need some ideas to fill the time?

    How about designing another blog (of your own) to mark your new life in Oz?

    You could use the first day of your new job as the launching pad?

    Need some entertainment?

    I can thoroughly recommend this blog on everyday life in Oz. Lots of news and views on art and culture and plenty of banter.


    Blogging is much safer than martial arts!

  2. Daytime TV is terrible (though I quite like watching things like PM questions, I know, geeky!)

    Blog about issues you perhaps haven't had time to previously, read blogs from a slightly different perspective to your own. Try out new recepies, swimming or the gym might be a bit safer than martial arts (hmm, not if you're anything like myself or Steph though)

    You're right though, being off work means you have to create a very definite structure and routine to your day, something I should imagine is very difficult when its only for a few weeks. Bendy Girl

  3. Hi steph, I wouldn't even dream of starting a new blog. One undernourished and neglected blog is enough for my conscience to deal with :P

    Benefitscroungingscu, I've tried the new recipes, but I'm the world's worst cook. Does anyone know how to make meatballs and a nice sauce, btw? I've tried, and failed miserably!!!

    Dr. Thunder