Wednesday, 12 September 2007

My 1st day (ish)

Hi there. Apologies for the long delay in posting. I've been moving my ass halfway round the world from Ireland to new Zealand over the last couple of weeks. I've relied on internet cafes on the way to keep up to date with emailing. But it's not really condusive to proper blogging. I've just gotten to New zealand, and am in an internet cafe right now. But, the shock of today's "meet and greet" session at my new hospital has prompted me to tell you all about it.

Basically the following happened today:

1) Human resources were very pleasant and very well organised.

2) Human resources were expecting me when I arrived.

3) I've known what I'll be paid since I aplied for the job

4) As I walked in the front entrance of the new hospital, a random porter wished me a good morning. He would have no way of kknowing I was a new doc.

5) My rota was ready and waiting for me. they apologised for not posting it to me earlier.

6) The docs' accomodation is really nice, and costs only 70 dollars per week (35 euro, or roughly 27 pounds sterling).

6) There is an on-call room

7) As I was walking out of the hospital, some random meber of staff engaged me in conversation in the car park about the weather.

8) The taxi driver who brought me to the hospital told me how highly the locals think of the hospital and it's staff.

None of the above may seem like a big deal for those of you who have never worked in a British or Irish hospital as a doctor. To those who have, you can see why I felt a little dizzied by the experience.

Like I said, I've no at-home internet service yet. But I'll try to keep up the posting from the local internet cafe. I start work on monday in the new job. You'll be the first to know how it goes.

Wish me luck.

Dr. Thunder


  1. Sounds great! keep us posted, and ENJOY!

  2. Hi Dr. Thunder! I know what you mean! I'm relocating to NZ shortly also, and in the contract the hospital sent me, I have been allocated 1 paid week of orientation prior to starting work! As in, when I start work. I'll know how to work the bleep system, know what the cardiac arrest bleep sounds like and how to get to where the arrest is, where equipment is kept, what my job entails, how to order certain tests, scans etc. Unlike an Irish hospital, when you come in on your first day and people just start randomly yelling at you.

  3. Glad is lookin good chief, hope it all works out! Hope the nurses are hot! ;-)

  4. 'Allo again. Good to hear you're on terra firme once more.

    Your first experiences of NZ sound pretty damn good. NZ'ers would say "that sounds neat"!

    Good Luck on Monday! Look forward to hearing all about it.

  5. Sounds like the land of the long white cloud may have found another fan.I think that kind of environment would be hard to leave!

  6. I wanna go back to NZ!

    I'm a med student just back from my elective there. It was brilliant and the working environment was so much better than the NHS.

    It has it's problems, but I would move out there so happily.