Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Good Morning to one and all, your friendly neighbourhood nurse here, coming to you after a short hiatus. Apologies to anyone who was holding their breath for the next nurse authored post, but even I gotta work, and have had a marathon session of that lately, all because I want 2 weekends off in a row before my holidays! How dare I!!!!!!

So how was my past week? Well crap really, sleeping on my feet, towards the weekend I was running totally on autopilot, surrounded by leaking catheter bags (not pleasant) and crazy old men, but I survived.....just.....

Now I know, a lot of medics reading will be thinking "But sure we work like that all the time" and I agree, non consultant doctors do horrific hours. I make it a point to be nice to the interns mainly because I think they get an awful time of it, sure over time I'm nice to some of them because we genuinely get on well or they're hot but thats a different matter. I'm talking about in general, with interns or other junior docs that I don't really know.

It makes me wonder though, why don't the doc's rise up against this sort of thing?

I love my job, i enjoy being a nurse but to be honest I never really thought I'd end up doing it. I actually wanted to be a doctor from a very young age but growing up and having friends in training put me right off so I looked into nursing instead. Now, unless someone let me walk right in at Registrar level, there would be no chance I'd even entertain the thoughts. This strikes me as a bad thing really, not because of any personal reasons but surely there has to be a better way. I know the doctoring world is very like the nursing world, in that your not meant to raise trouble and keep quiet about things but really if all the interns in the whole country got together what could they do? So to all the doctors out there I say REVOLT! I'll organise nursing support and I'm sure I have a few links with other departments. Lets lock ourselves in the treatments rooms across the country and not come out til we sort out the mad hours, the intolerable pressure and the general shittiness that is being a junior doc, because its not fair and tarnishes what is a wonderful job when its going well.

Ok so rant over......time for a few nicer bits

Firstly big thanks to the Dr Rant team for the ongoing mentions. Their blog is funny, informative, cutting when needs be and a very good read. I do notice though that you haven't a nurse on the team tut tut guys.....you need someone to keep you in check! Who'll remind you to chart the warfarin for the weekend before you head off into the Friday evening sunset!

Secondly, I'd like my part of the blog to be a bit more interactive. I don't really want it to be a selection of my overtired ramblings and not much else, so please readers, if you've got something that you'd like my opinion on, or want to see written about leave a comment and I'll see what I can come up with.

Finally, to Comrade Thunder.........

You'll be missed on this side of the world, hope your having a good time over yonder and look forward to your first homecoming for a round of Nurses V Doctors in the pub!

Thats it


  1. unfortunately, ain't no angel, registrars work horrific hours too, worse than most SHOs as the rotas are often tighter. I've done the intern/SHO thing, and it was actually the Reg stage I balked at, I couldn't face the thought of 38 hour shifts and 110 hour weeks carrying the can like a reg does. I'm off to Oz! Thanks for your support though, you are so right, we need to rise up and let the HSE hear us roar! ;)

  2. Two weeks on a trolley is a very long time to wait. I'll go 'off my trolley' soon if you don't supply refreshments!