Friday, 29 October 2010


Dear baby Jesus. Why.......

1) do the sickest kids have the most difficult veins?

2) do the the kids with nothing wrong with them have the most anxious parents?

3) do doctors forget all non-bone related medicine as soon as they become orthopaedic surgeons?

4) do the kids with cancer always come from the nicest families?

5) are people not bothered when the doctor looking after their unwell kid has worked more hours than a pilot or lorry driver are legally allowed?

6) do we employ doctors from developing countries, when we know children in their home nations die in their droves for want of medical attention?

7) do the politicians always know better than us when it comes to health policy?

8) do we laugh when a baby pees all over us, but rush to change our clothes when Albert on the geriatric ward does the same thing?

9) do some parents oppose vaccination so strongly, while parents in poorer countries routinely watch their children die of tetanus and pertussis and other preventable diseases?

10) are physiotherapists and occupational therapists so much hotter than the general population?

If you can answer these questions (and any others posted in the comments section), Lord, then I shall return to church :D

Many thanks for your time,

Dr Thunder.


  1. Re #3). "Why has the cephazolin stopped getting to the bone?" They stopped CPR. :-) (I heard it from an orthopod :-))

    #9) People need to get a perspective about how things are outside of the minority of the world that they live in.

  2. Re #8 cause Albert pools a lot more pints per pound than baby?

    and a suggestion for #11, why do children always have peas and carrots in their vomit even if they haven't actually eaten the same for about 5 years? :D

  3. "Why do we employ doctors from developing countries, when we know children in their home nations die in their droves for want of medical attention?"

    That bothers me as well, Dr T. Someday it's going to bite us on the ass..

  4. LOVED these! So true.

    I'd suggest 2) and 4) are linked.

    In answer to 5)... 'cos when your kid is sick, you'll accept anything that helps to make them better.

    As regards 10)... YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! I trained as a physio-terrorist and my daughter is training as an OT :)

  5. I dunno about OTs but physios are hotties because generally they exercise and take care of their bodies...or at least that's my theory!!

  6. "Why do we employ doctors from developing countries, when we know children in their home nations die in their droves for want of medical attention?"

    They die because the hospitals aren't close enough to their villages and they don't have transporation to make it to the hospital in time - its a question of where the government puts their money.
    Most doctors don't work in the villages but in the cities where there is ample health care. Hiring a doctor from a city of a "developing" country to a "developed" country only means it leaves an opportunity for another doctor to occupy the city spot.

    Maybe you should have some sympathy for the doctors who are tired of being surrounded by morbidly sick (they only come at the last possible moment because they are illiterate), illiterate, ungrateful people who yell at the doctors and treat them without respect in a smelly, hot, overcrowded, understaffed place where everyone is stressed and tempers run high day after day after day- including ALL sundays and national holidays and even after a 24 or 48 hour duty, we are still expected to work for 12-16 hours the next day and the next and the next. There is no break. Its easy to criticise when sitting in a "Developed" country.
    Yes, the government should make space for more doctors in our country, but when they don't and we want a break, where do we go? We would like to do good while enjoying life too.
    If you are so concerned about the developing countries, why don't you volunteer some of your time there? And when you do, please let me know how long it takes before you crave for an escape. Why is it only okay for doctors from developed countries to move to other developed countries in search of a better life? Why discriminate so much against doctors from developing countries when they are the ones who desperately need a break?

  7. @ point #1: I guess sick kids eat/drink less - hence are probable dehydrated therefore making the veins less prominent.
    @ point #2: I suppose kids who are less sick are that way because they parents have been anxious about their health all along and its been an adaptive trait in preventing their child's illness. Also, when times get desperate (i.e child is very sick), parents are more desperate and so more likely to accept the support of a doctor and trust them more.
    @ point 5: I know exactly what you mean: after doing a 24 hour duty i went to the ward to do the dressings of patients. I cut myself and started beleeding when opening the dressing of a man with necrotizing fascitis (because he jerked his leg) and the patient's wife said, "You are still going to do the dressing right? Its just a small cut". Um, yea lady a small cut with b-hemolytic strep!!! But thanks for the concern.