Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Spin Doctors are expensive!

The front pages of several papers today state that the HSE spent a staggering 51 million euros on SPIN DOCTORS!!!!

I hope they mean the band. They're not great or anything, I find that one song I do know very annoying, but quite frankly it would make more sense. And it would be marginally more entertaining.

So we're slashing frontline staff and services left right and centre-and paying spin doctors money to make it sound like it's all a good thing when if we didn't pay the spin doctors we wouldn't have to slash a lot of the services and this would actually in reality be a better thing and...and......I've gone cross eyed.

Just when you think you've seen it all. You, you know, see some more. And stuff.

Dr. Jane Doe

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  1. In the words of Gerald Kean, solicitor, who spearheaded the Stop Infections Now (S.I.N.) campaign...

    "When I researched Stop Infections Now, I found that, in 1995, the government paid management consultants to do a report on the issue, which Michael Noonan signed off", he says, adding with a smirk:"it is a very good report. It is beautiful. It has a lovely pink binder with a red ribbon. It is so gorgeous that nobody read it or, if they did read it, they didn't do anything about it. But we paid the management consultants, and we stored the report. That's our tax money. Then, in 2001, they produced two more reports. They are lovely as well. They came in a black binder with a yellow ribbon, and a red binder with an orange ribbon respectively. They read them and put them on a shelf somewhere as well. They didn't do anything about the reports. They just spent our tax money on compiling these immaculately produced reports. Then, in 2005 and in 2008, they commissioned more reports. Now, what's happening is that a lot of the more recent reports contain old points from the 1995 report".

    Just when you think you've seen it all? :-)