Saturday, 13 September 2008

The Dr. Scot Junior saga (2).....are these fuckers for real???

Posted by: Dr Thunder

So, a lot of people are aware of the "Dr. Scot Junior" saga. Jane Doe's post below outlines a lot of what the case is about. Essentially, a scottish junior surgeon was posting his views on the doctors-only password-protected website

On one of the mesage boards, he called Dame Carol Black "A shit". This is because Dame Black was heavily involved in the "rearrangement" of junior doctors training in the UK. This training revamp has pretty much destroyed the training of British doctors, and has had huge impacts on their personal life. Pretty much every British junior doctor thinks Carol Black is a shit. Her and her colleagues get called much worse in doctors' scabby tearooms across the country every day.

Anyway, Dame Black's mate, Professor Gillian Needham, up in Scotland, decided to ban Dr. Scot Junior from practising surgery there.

Now, I worked in Scotland for several years. Healthcare there is the pits. There are parts of Scotland where the life expectancy of males is 64. That means some Scottish males are expected to die before retirement!!!!!

The Scottish health service cannot afford to ban doctors. Not because they were a bit cheeky, anyway.

So, there were apologies. Dr Scot regretted his choice of words, and asked for his comments to be removed from the website. Professor Needham had no real choice but to reinstate him and allow him to continue practising. Especially as the Medical Council tells us that doctors should only be banned from working if their actions put patients at risk. There are no rules covering doctors who cause offence to your coffee-morning pals.

But she was pissed. This upstart has mocked her friend. Needham and Black have helped fuck up the lives of junior docs all over the country, by, for example, advocating a sytem which tells married couples with kids and mortgages that they have to move to opposite ends of the country to work until 2010, as part of the "training revamp" This is on top of making lots of doctors unemployed.

I left Scotland to go to Oz because of these gobshites. I will never go back. Scotland isn't exactly overflowing with paediatricians either.

As Prof Needham was angry, she decided she wasn't finished with Dr Scot Junior. So, she's suspended him again!!!!
The poor guy had only been reinstated 3 days!!!!

This time the reason is being kept private, but it relates to something he apparently did years ago, just after he qualified from medical school.

It didn't seem to be an issue before now, until he offended Needham's coffee buddy.

So, while the waiting lists in Scotland are out of control. Be safe in the knowledge that the medical hierarchy are looking after you and your loved ones by suspending the man who might cut out your colon cancer just before it spreads, or remove your appendix before it bursts. Be safe in the knowledge that no man who has the tenacity to call a superior "a shit" will be allowed anywhere near a scalpel in Scotland.

The NHS is in good hands.

Dr. Thunder


  1. We wrote something on Oz :)

    Great read! You guys coming to join our blogfest on this subject then!

    NHS Exposed
    NHS Exposed Blog

  2. Hi anonymous. Being a bit out of the loop here in Oz, I'm a late arrival to this cause. What a wind-up. Mind you, they always treated us like shit while I worked there. I was never going to go back there anyway, but this just makes me mad. Though it doesn't surprise me.

    Dr. Thunder

  3. Dr T

    Actually, I meant to put my name down. Its Rita Pal. What is it like in Ox. If you check out the front page of
    you will find a tribute to Ozland :).

    The tale is this - poor SpR anti MMC campaigner gets all hot under the collar and tells forums [ in discussion] that Carol Black is a F/S [ as you state]. Mean old hag Elizabeth Paice immediately informs his Dean. She is like an overgrown headmistress really - trying to keep all her doctors under control. NHS Highlands suspends the poor guy. He gets reinstated then resuspended for some odd reason. Summary are all on our websites. Just plough and read. Other summary is on the right hand side of the main blog.

    Also, good summary is on
    and there we have it.

    Since then, as there is certainly some sort of gagging in the media, I and a number of others with the assistance of the gorgeous boys at Remedy UK have been working hard to get the campaign highlighted. In the interim, all us bloggers are working night and day to keep the pressure up. Thats Witchdoctor, Dr Rant, me and The Jobbing Doctor. Dr Crippen has disappeared.

    So what is it like in Oz. My fellow whistleblower Steve Bolsin lives there. Good guy - wish I could fly over and work there. Alas, family commitments mean I am marooned in the UK.

    Come join in the blogging fun and get your Ozzie mates to help us all in raising this issue. Essentially, we do need backup.

    NHS Exposed
    NHS Exposed Blog