Friday, 25 July 2008

DNUK making me mad!!!

Posted by: Dr Thunder

I use email a lot. Especially right now. I'm emailing a few people back and forward about registrar jobs for next year. For roughly the last 8 years, I've used the email services at for everything.

I went to log in today, as I was expecting some important messages. As I typed in my password I was greeted with the following message...."Your account requires security clearance, please ring our helpdesk".

WTF? I thought. So I rang them. They explained to me how they realised today that I wasn't registered with the General Medical Council of the UK any more. Therefore they were cancelling my account. "But I work in Australia, I haven't been registered with the GMC in about a year" says I.

Them's the rules I was told. But don't worry, we can hook you up with our sister site http://www.ausdoctor/ or something like that. They'll even transfer my emails over for me.

That's not the end of the world I figure. So I ask when this will happen.

"Tuesday", they tell me. Tuesday in the UK will be wednesday over here. That's a lot of potentially important emails to miss. I ask can they reinstate me on their UK site until tuesday, then.


They're the rules.


My parents arrive in Oz on sunday for a holiday. They're spending a couple of days up north before meeting me. Their phone won't work here. It's ok, Thunder junior, we'll email you on sunday and arrange everything that way. It's just totally unneccesary. I'm spitting mad here thinking about it.

So, on tuesday (wednesday my time) they'll allow me acces to the oz equivalant of and then they expect me to stay with them????

I'll be forwarding all my old emails to whoever my new provider is, and saying goodbye to them.

So, onto the real reason I posted this blog entry.....can anyone reccomend a good email provider in Oz. I've been with the same guys for 8 years, so I'm a bit out of touch!

Thanks in advance,

Dr. Thunder


  1. Perhaps just use a boring free-mail one like hotmail/gmail/yahoo???

  2. You're probably right, polly. Though I like something more professional looking for work stuff, and I can only access my work email in-hospital. it is, then :D

    Dr. T