Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Now.........I'm not gay..........BUT...........

posted by : Ain't No Angel

Look look..........another post..............2 in 2 days, your getting spoiled!!!

This is totally non medical related but I'm so full of happyness and joy and excitement that I felt I had to tell you all, and detail the reason why.

Its quite simple really, and its all caused by one man. You may not be aware but I am actually a bloke nurse. I'm also not gay and happily on my way to marriage later this year to Mrs Ain't No Angel, ('ve got 6 months!). I am a simple man, who takes pleasure from simple things like beer, music, building random things with power tools and sports. I've never really entretained thoughts about other men...........until now..........because I think I'm in love..........with a man.

And this man is...............

This modest unassuming young man has been a revelation since signing for Liverpool, and has been a bright star in the fairly grey skys around the city.
I'm not the only one to be having this problem either. Men up and down the country are having this crisis. Many of us didn't even feel this way about people like Keegan or Dalglish. Its a starange feeling but one I'm more than happy to run with, especially if this blonde bombshelllgets us past Chelsea to the Champions League final of dreams against Man Utd. If that happens and we beat them......I'll love it, I'll love it if we beat them!


  1. Are you sure about loving this man? Think of what you've seen in your line of work, Angel! do you REALLY wanna go there?


  2. I have a simlar love for another man. A certain C.Ronaldo who hopefully will ensure that we get to the final and then beat you ;)

  3. Sorry! Angel (Ain't No)

    I don't 'do' football!

    But I'm delighted to see you've been bitten by the blogging bug.

    Keep on posting!

  4. ellie......there'll be none of your mano a mano love stuff going on. Its more of an unrequited love from a far.......a la Jane Austin.

    I'd also guess even if we both swung in that direction, I'd be below his standards!

    Ad for Utd beating us in the final......

    sorry, took a while to clean up after pissing my self laughing at that nonsense :)

  5. Being a non-female (student nurse) who is also in love with Mr. Torres, I can only happily inform you you're not alone.

    I just think it's a shame that when Liverpool beat Man United in the final, there'll probably be more concentration on affairs of the pitch than on it. Blood hooligans.

  6. you know there's a band in London called "Gay for Johnny Depp" which is such an awesome name for a band-should there be a "Gay for Fernando Torres" in Dublin?
    I don't see them topping charts, but perhaps a gig or two in Whelan's?

  7. ahhh i do admit my love for fernando torres as well! :D blonde, hunky, and super talented, what's not to love? just one small point - he's not the smartest pea in the can! he could be playing for the best team in the world, alongside c.ronaldo, but he chose not too. as they say, God is fair! you can have brains or looks, but not both ;)

    man u will win. there's no doubt about that! :D