Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The Nurse Has Landed

Ok first off. lets clear a few things up.........

Yes boys I am a real nurse living and working in "sunny" old Ireland, but, and there's always a but I'm a beer drinking, football loving, girl chasing MAN. Hopefully though none of you educated fellows assumed that "Two Weeks" would only consist of the type of nurses one see's late at night on Bravo.....

I work in very busy surgical unit in a large hospital, dealing mainly with issues of a urological nature, though we aren't limited to that really. Because of the nature of a lot of our work on the unit though, I've got a particular interest in mens health promotion and the lack thereof in this country. I've also developed a growing interest in the field of tissue viability and wound healing.

So thats the intro done.....

Hopefully I'll be bringing a bit of a different view to the blog and maybe help people see things a little differently. I'm hoping that my posts will range from more medically based to the more abstract issues in healthcare with a few mad things thrown in for free. Hopefully anyone who reads will enjoy my musings and please feel free to comment or critique.


  1. Welcome! Nurse 'Ain't No Angel' - great landing! Looks like you'll have some interesting tales to add to the trolley team. Whatever happened to Dr. Thunder? - he was going great guns until the nightshift got him!

  2. i think a holiday hangover myself.... 2pints of stella STAT should sort him out

  3. I could use a bit of that myself!

  4. Sorry guys. Am having internet issues at the moment. Should be back up and running on saturday. As an aside, since when was "Ain't no angle" a bloke??? We thought we were hiring a busty blonde!! Not a bloke with manboobs ;)

    Dr Thunder

  5. woo, up the irish! Sorry, I couldn't help it. welcome to the blogosphere :)